How to show respect to the parents, coaches, and athletes.

  • Ask the parent or guardian of the youth athlete to sign a photography release form - particularly for female sports such as gymnastics.
  • For schools, elementary to high school, seek permission to photograph school athletic events with the Athletics Director or Media Administrator.
  • Upload the athlete(s) photos to private galleries, accessible only to parents, athletes and coaches.
  • Seek the family's permission before sharing embarrassing photos on social media.
  • Do not upload photos of injuries without consulting with parents or guardians.
  • Save (without sharing) injury photos; doctors may need to see how the injury occurred.
  • Retouching skin is okay for action photos targeted for athletes, their families and their coaches.
  • Do not upload the accidental suggestive poses (particularly true for gymnastics and wrestling).
  • Use Photo editors to remove background or foreground shapes that may appear inappropriate.