Seeking drama?

As we shoot sports images of our kids, client's kids, adult athletes or anyone performing a physical skill during a competition, it is easy to get caught in the pattern of only producing, brightly lit, action shots. Your portfolio, unfortunately, can appear to look repetitive and may appear less than exciting. Sports shot during the day in variable lighting, as the sun intermittently becomes blocked by clouds, or as daylight gives way to stadium lights, presents us with some great, but challenging opportunities as photographers. Don't fret. That crazy variable sun will place harsh light upon the athletes which automatically adds drama and dynamic range to our images. In the past, I was terrified of shooting during rapidly changing conditions, but now, I realize that nature provides some natural interest and contrast which catches the eye of our viewers and adds more visual interest to our galleries. Whether you shoot in Manual Mode or one of the semi-automatic modes (constant aperture or constant shutter speed), learning how to take advantage of harsh sunlight can help you take your portfolio to the next level.